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Vouz Douz II





Exhibition Dates: July 30 – August 28, 2016




“Vouz Douz II”

In this captivating new series of work – titled VOUZ DOUZ II – Dutch artist SIT processes through painting his observations on modern society. He examines the idea of personal identity, and how focus on materialism, ego and success can make us drift away from our true intentions and unique self.

To explore these ideas, SIT creates tension between abstract and realistic figures by juxtaposing both techniques to the point where the true identity of the animals and characters in his work becomes blurred, fragmented and undefinable. This talented artist challenges us to question a world in which people and nature are in a confused state, in search of a healthier way to relate to each other.

VOUZ DOUZ is the artist’s fourth solo show with C.A.V.E. Gallery.


The work of Dutch artist SIT is inevitably characterized by a feeling of discomfort: his paintings and sculptures show the moment when beauty loses its raison d’être, and presents its darkest side. Behind his figurative images lies a disturbing analysis of our times. SIT portrays imaginary characters, human beings and animals that reflect our obsession with appearance, look and materialism – as well as the banality of everyday life. These characters are the victims of our visual and fast society, the technology of the visible – where human vanity stands in the way of a truly ethical life.

By using black and white, SIT creates sober and melancholic images, as if man – while endlessly believing in progress – has lost something on the way. At the same time, his paintings display a richness: the fabrics, textures and costumes look sensual and seductive, the settings are theatrical and surreal. This ambiguity – between the temptation of beauty and our constant urge to abuse her – is the driving force behind his work.



PROCESS—”the unplanned, unexpected, the collected in a corner, saved in a stack, the leftovers, the beauty, the magic in the scraps. Process is motion. It’s the forever in the moment, until it isn’t. It’s the notes, the plans, the dates, maps, and scribbles. It’s the paint that missed the canvas, the test before the print. It’s the ghost for the catching, the zone for the coasting. Process is forever unfolding.”

Bisco Smith 2016



Bisco Smith (b.1980) is an American contemporary urban artist whose work is characterized as a blend of graffiti deconstruction, abstract gesturalism, graphic design, and “visual freestyle.”

Using household tools learned from painting on street walls and influenced by the process of freestyle rapping and song writing, Bisco fuses the spontaneous art forms into style-writing and action painting. His technique involves energetic, expressive brushstrokes that reflect the flow of music and translates the consciousness of the moment into painted lyrics and abstract black and white works of art.

Bisco believes that art is energy transmitted through various mediums, and as such, the artist becomes the conduit. His art captures the unseen rhythms of music, the untamed energy of a moment, duality, and good intentions. He aims to bring a good intention to all his paintings in hopes that the energy will continue to resonate wherever the art lives.

Bisco has exhibited art, performed music, painted murals, and partnered with creative brands and live events worldwide. Bisco’s work is regularly exhibited in national galleries and has established a national and international collector base.

Bisco Smith currently lives and works in Venice, CA.