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Opening Saturday October 10

space_pixelate_web“Next Never”









Opening Reception Saturday October 10; 6:30 – 9:30pm

Morten Andersen & Vinz will be in attendance

Guest DJ Daddy Kev (Low End Theory) & Resident DJ Bu$Rid3r (C.A.V.E. Gallery & Venice Beats)

Show will be on view through November 7




Nothing stands still. As a viewer one is seduced and drawn into the futuristic, dynamic universe of Morten Andersen’s work.

This exhibition – titled “Next Never” – includes 5 incredible new canvases by Andersen – his best work to date.  The pieces emanate a confident, well-shaken cocktail of both classic and innovative modes of expression. Crisp shapes and figures mesh, overlap and twist around each other; forms vacillate between sharply defined elements, that rhythmically become transparent and dissolve – resulting in masterpieces that appear in motion and breathing.

Andersen has exhibited in Denmark, France, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey and Canada.




Interest in L7m’s bold, expressive work continues to gain international attention. Much of his work is found on the street, where he creates large scale glimpses of nature as a response to the surrounding chaos he sees. His colorful palette and powerful, sweeping strokes electrify the urban environment.

This exhibition includes 4 new canvases that beautifully capture the expressive energy and softer realism that L7m is known for. His swirling forms cradle realistic imagery – articulating the beauty of life emerging from urban disarray.

L7m was born in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil in 1988, and is one of São Paulo’s most prolific and unique street artists. From an early age he realized his connection to art. At 13 years old, he had his first experience painting with aerosol, which opened his eyes to the endless possibilities of experimenting with new techniques. From that point on, L7m began challenging himself with various mediums by mixing aerosol with china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic. He also continues to push boundaries with his style – creating work a captivating pulse and dynamic edge.




Spanish artist VINZ boldly raises awareness about current governmental, corporate and religious impositions placed upon society to establish social order at the expense of personal freedom.  VINZ’s work challenges society to philosophically question the subversion of civil liberties.

This exhibition continues to build on the “VINZ FEEL FREE” project  – an ambitious street campaign that includes powerful, life size mixed media collages installed in urban environments where civil liberties are manipulated and controlled every day.

VINZ’s artwork includes orchestrated photos, taken by the artist, of nude figures in scenes that reflect a powerful message about strength and individual freedom. To articulate his message, these photos are printed into mixed media collages where he has created a unique and clever iconography of hybrid creatures influenced by historic religions and mythology of ancient civilizations.

As the Mayan, Aztecs and Sumerian civilizations portrayed reptilian beings as controlling forces, VINZ uses reptiles to represent the brutality inflicted by police onto civilians.  Frogs forewarn of the Apocalypse and human disaster, and are depicted wearing suits and also represent authoritarian repression. Fish characters represent consumerism, greed and vanity. The Bull – known for its determination and fearless, is an expression of fighting persistence against all odds.  Birds symbolize freedom – an important message in the artist’s work. The bird characters are the oppressed voice striving for equality.

This exhibition expands on the artist’s mission and includes 14 impressive new mixed media paintings. Although the work confronts you and is driven by an overarching message about civil liberties – there is also a captivating, compassionate beauty and each unique piece stands on its own as striking artwork. The characters are painted with remarkable talent, vibrant layers of color and skillfully rendered to expose provoking narratives about personal freedom.


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