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September 13 – October 4, 2014

Artists’ Reception: Saturday September 13, 6-9pm



**•••••••••••***** C.A.V.E. Gallery is pleased to present “POP” – an impressive new collection of work by Dutch artist, SIT.

“POP” is the artist’s fourth exhibition with the gallery. The installation includes 24 paintings, in a range of sizes and media, including a special series of spraypaint on glass pieces – created with amazing technical detail, yet ethereal in appearance through the transparent canvas.

The new “POP” series continues the artist’s examination of our increasingly visual and fast paced society – where technology depletes active human experience and continues to fuel human obsession with appearance and materialism. This time, the images are also portrayed through a synthetically chromatic lens.

Departing from the artist’s distinct style of exclusively creating monochromatic figures, stripped of color as they are fading from a healthy existence – for this show, Sit also incorporates artificial hues associated with a world engulfed by plastic.

Some of these candy-colored figures are excessively inflated, and on the brink of exploding. Other pieces depict animals – whose natural patterning enables them to camouflage themselves in their environment – shown with synthetic rainbow-colored fur coats – symbolic of the plastic fantastic evolution into an artificially Kool-Aid, infused world.

Sit’s artwork has been exhibited in Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona and Stockholm, was incorporated into an animation for the 2014 Pearl Jam Tour and the re-opening of the Stedjelik Museum in 2013.




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**•••••••••••••••••***** C.A.V.E. Gallery is pleased to announce Italian artist Peeta’s first solo show in Los Angeles.

The exhibition features an exciting series of 8 new canvases and 2 sculptures that are wonderful representations of the Italian graffiti artist’s individual style of exploding letters from their generic typographical form – and stylizing them with shape and volume so they transcend beyond their mere semantic function.

Focusing on the sculptural quality of individual letters, Peeta boldly ruptures words – readapting them into idiom and gestures learned off the street. He creates dynamic pieces where lines dance around twisting forms, and successfully integrates his lettering style into the fluidity of the urban environment.

The role of sculpture in Peeta’s work has come to be an essential tool in the artist’s work, but is also a medium which Peeta has mastered with exceptional skill. Working three-dimensionally has enabled Peeta to understand light and shadow and assisted him in reproducing these effects onto canvas.

Despite the depth of research into the technical and formal perfection of form, the result of Peeta’s three-dimensional painting also withholds a transcendent aspect. Shadows, depth, fluidity and perceptive tricks lead the mind into an exploration.

Peeta has been a graffiti artist since 1993 and currently living in Venice, Italy. He is a member of the EAD crew (Padova, Italy), FX and RWK crews (New York City) and has exhibited across Europe and the United States.




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