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Beautiful Times – an ongoing traveling art project by AMANDA MARIE & X-O





Opening Reception FRIDAY November 28, 5-8pm

on view November 26 – December 17, 2014

Last summer, artists Amanda Marie and X-O began the “Beautiful Times” project – embarking on a US tour creating signature murals, stencils, installations and paintings across the country. They started this project as a way to support and create awareness for the Morgan Adams Foundation for pediatric research and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, and their creative endeavor continues to blossom.

This exhibition is another celebration of the “Beautiful Times” project. The show includes twenty canvas pieces by Amanda Marie and a wonderful new “Abandoned Paper Collage” series and six new canvas “Banners For Pretending” by X-O.


Beacon NY


Beacon NY

In May 2015, Amanda Marie- and X-O will have a two person exhibition, titled ‘The Many Places We Are’ – at the renowned Jordan Schnitzer museum in Eugene, Oregon. The Beautiful Times project is an integral process in preparing for the museum exhibition.


Amanda Marie

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There is an immediate feeling of childhood nostalgia in the artwork of Amanda Marie. Yet the storybook imagery is laced with mischief, mystery and allegory.


Amanda Marie has co-opted a homogenized and stereotyped depiction of an ideal Modern American childhood. Executed in a simplified illustrative style reminiscent of the 1950s, they seem to have been lifted from the pages of children’s books, and have traded the protective home of childhood nostalgia for a slightly more adventurous and unsettling world, somewhere between dream and reality. The children in Amanda Marie’s artwork are forever caught ungrounded and out of context, hovering in space, blasted by expressionist splatters, and float within geometric diagrams. They encounter surreal scenarios well beyond the simple comfort of seeing spot run touching on the realities of alienation and feeling lost which lie underneath the surface of the picture perfect American childhood.


Amanda Marie is among the most talented women working in the genre of “Stencilism” with an endearing yet bold, visual language accented by her trademark use of vintage sewing and geometric patterns. Her work is influenced by classic ‘golden era’ illustrators like Eloise Wilken, Tibor Gergely and Leonard Weisgard.







Hyland Mather, aka X-O, has a keen eye for collecting ‘lost object’ materials – and skillfully composing it for his signature style installations. His work is a playful assemblage of shape, color and texture that organically transpires through a process of creating expressions of memory and emotion.


This exhibition will feature a new series of ‘Abandoned Paper Series’ that includes paper collages framed by stencils. The work is a well executed representation of  the artist’s signature vocabulary of materials, color and forms.


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