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Exhibition Dates: September 3 – September 23 , 2016

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Artist reception sponsored by
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Fresh artwork by Joe Iurato for the label!

New works by
Joe Iurato & Rubin415
A-Minor is the storyteller’s chord that makes a blues man blue.

For this new exhibition – titled “A-MINOR” – Rubin415 and Joe Iurato celebrate the bluesy tones in music that inspire their artwork. Rather than perceiving the tones of the A-Minor chord as melancholic and therefore inherently sad, the artists find these melancholic sounds to be enlightening in their ability to create a pensive mood that inspires imaginative and reflective thought.

* image is of a collaboration the two artists created together in Queens NY this summer for Wellington Court Mural Project

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C.A.V.E. Gallery is honored to be hosting Joe Iurato’s first Los Angeles solo show.

Iurato is a talented, multidisciplinary artist whose imaginative works are built on a foundation of stencils and aerosol. Iurato’s murals have been highlights in neighborhoods along the east coast United States for years, and recently he has also become noted for his photographs of his intricate, miniature painted wood cutouts cleverly placed in public spaces.

Utilizing the environmental landscape to create site-specific installations, Iurato creates windows into a narrative formed by personal experiences. This exhibition includes 12 of these unique painted wood assemblages, alongside a series of large format photographs taken by Iurato of his wood cutouts in outdoor settings.

Each individual work of art inspires the potential for interaction and storytelling within public space and transforms common land/cityscapes into carefully crafted and playful scenes.

Iurato has also done work with: Adidas, Mike Tyson’s Iron Mike Productions, The New York Racing Association, Nike’s House of Hoops, ESPN, the NBA, NBC’s Sunday Night Football, Sprite, Hershey’s, USA Network, Designit, and Nickelodeon.



The son of Finnish immigrant workers in Sweden, Rubin was born and raised in what he remembers as the epicenter of boredom – the concrete projects of Bergsjön, Gothenburg. From this experience, he began picturing walls blossoming before his eyes – and started out on a journey that he’s still on today. Rubin has put his trademark on concrete and brick walls all over the world, from Finland to Thailand, Denmark to Miami, New York to Los Angeles – and has developed a unique style that has become internationally respected.

Rubin’s abstract geometrical pieces are inspired by the forms of traditional wild style graffiti, but are created in muted and earth-tone color palettes with Scandinavian clean lines. The artist seamlessly transitions between large murals to paintings that range in size.

This exhibition is Rubin415’s second solo exhibition with C.A.V.E. Gallery and includes 12 brand new 22inch x 30inch, hand-pulled screenprints of some of his best work. Each print is hand-signed and are all excellent examples of the artist’s signature style. Each screen print is a very limited edition of only 10, so don’t miss out on your chance of collecting Rubin’s artwork!

Rubin’s work has been showcased in galleries in Stockholm, Reykjavik, Montreal, New York and Los Angeles. Rubin has also collaborated on projects with MTV, Heineken, GAP and the Scandinavian design house COMMON, and has been featured in Juxtapoz, Vice Magazine, Brooklyn Street Art, ArtSlant and Graffuturism.

A wonderful, new retrospective book of Rubin’s artwork Rubin: New York / Scandinavia – was published this year. The book takes you inside his studio, to art galleries and on a journey through the streets of New York City.

Rubin resides in Brooklyn, but he’s just at home in the wilderness of Lapland, where he spends the summers with his wife in a log house among reindeer and underneath the midnight sun.

* photo by Christian Boho for @theasburyparkboardwalk